The quick thing about VNC

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Version 0.1.21

Updated with MSLogon Decryption by Ashburn (
Asia Global Risk
vncrack_src-1.21.tar.gz is the Linux source
vnccrack-win32-1.21.rar is the Windows source

Version 0.1.17 BETA 3

(as usual for Linux)
vncrack.gz is the dynamic linked version (glibc2)
vncrack_s.gz is the static one

Windows console application VNCrackX4 (bugfixed)


Source of version 0.1.17 BETA 3

vncrack_src.tar.gz includes the source of VNCrack and parts of the VNC original source. You will notice some strage for() loops in the brute force part - these are an experiment to speed up brute force by using for()'s instead of recursive functions.

VNCrackX4 source

vnx4.c is the source for windows. Build a library from the VNC windows source code files vncauth.c and d3des.c and link it against this code.