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Linux Version 0.2.7b

The packages contain the binary lj (dynamic linked for Linux glibc2), ljs (static linked), a badword.txt file and For documentation look at these pages.

Due some reports of problems with the tar.gz file I recommend that you download the tar ball - but try it for your own.

Here is the tar file using GNU tar 1.12. Hope this works on every box.

Windows Version 0.2.7b

The Windows ZIP file contains the same stuff like the Linux package. I know: You can't use on Windows. If you have Cygwin installed - try this. Take care: Start Lj from it's own directory or copy the cygwin*.dll to \WINDOWS\System{32}.

Source Version 0.2.7b

The source is ugly and should not be used as any kind of reference, since it is real bad C. You have to adjust the path to OpenLDAP's libraries and includes in the Makefile if they are not in your standard directories.