The Gray Hat Tools represent our security related work. They also represent the learning process we went through and the fact that we are still on the way.
The code and concepts are our own work. But I want to thank the people who inspired us and the people who send use comments or bug reports. These programs are not production environment quality. They often represent a better proof-of-concept level but are designed with the application in mind. Also, the later tools have more security checks in it but I'm sure you can exploit many of them. Keep in mind: you could be the victim instead of the attacker.

Phenoelit code is now unified under one license. By downloading and/or using tools you agree to this license.

A plea for communication

If you download our tools and try to use them, please send feedback. If it does not compile or does not work or simply sucks or whatever - we want to know it. Well, if it helps you or you'v found a good application or have other positive words to say, they are certainly welcome as well ;-) Especially any feedback regarding IRPAS and VIPPR would be great.