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The Default Password List is a collection of accounts and passwords that are, by default, the initial passwords for specific accounts on a given computer system. Sometimes these passwords are installed out-of-box, sometimes they are automatically installed by software, and sometimes they are installed by consultants that are brought in to perform services. This list should be used as a resource for computer security consultants interested in testing the security configuration of equipment.

Credits toward collecting the initial default passwords go to the Security Focus VULN-DEV mailing list, and specifically to contributors such as Eric Knight, Roelof Temmingh, Nathan Einwechter , George Kurtz, Stephen Friedl, Sebastian Andersson, Jonathan Leto, Mike Blomgren, Knud Erik H0jgaard,, Axel Dunkel, Mathias Bogaert, Jonatan Leto, Chris Owen, Jim Wildman, Santiago Zapata, Brian S. DuRoss, M J , Will Spencer, Kevin Reynolds, Max Vision, Bluefish, Runar Jensen, Ex Machina, Matt van Amsterdam, Daniel Monjar, Rodrigo Bardosa, Damir Rajnovic, Master Dogen,, Max Vision, Lou Albano, Mike Ireton, Kurt Seifried, Travis Good, Neon Bunny, Daniel Wischnewski, Ray Beaulieu, Adrian Dabrowski, Thor, Ralf Folkerts, Scott , Pedro Cavaca, Nathan Einwechter, ehjelmstad, Daniel Hutchison, Dan Jones, Volker Tanger, Dru Nelson, Nicolas Gregoire, John Medica (Wiz-Kid), Greg Shipley, Pask, Pete Finnigan,, blake frantz, Mark D. Foster, Kerry Baker, G Henry and scores of others.
Additional credits to Bluefish.
FX would like to give extraordinary credits to Nicolas Gregoire for his continuing support of this list!

If you would like to contribute default passwords, you can do so at the Password submit page.

Legal note: This list only contains account information that is shipped with the respective product. These accounts are part of the product and the user is encouraged to change it.
The list is provided for administrators and system operations people. You may not use information found in this list for illegal activities.
If you are a vendor or have other reasons to believe that some information here is stored in error, please get in contact with to have the offending entry removed.