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On Goats and their Daddy

Once upon a time, a small bunch of alchemists needed to rescue their knowledge from the hands of bureaucrats, who wanted to make possession, distribution and even research of such knowledge illegal, simply because they could not understand it.

In this difficult situation, they found a good soul in a country far far away, who would take care of their writings and material. So the alchemists thought that their papers, parchment (for some of the writings were really old) and simple tools were safe now. The good soul placed the goods at a library in his own country and hereby made them available to everyone once more. Every year, he payed the library to keep the material in good order, although some times the shelves would be crawling with vermin and people would get infected with diseases from visiting the library.

After almost four years, the library's owners realized that the shelve with the name of the alchemists was much frequented, and they thought it would be clever to sell this shelve space with the name on it to charlatans, because then these could place their crap on it and the visitor would think it was the work of the alchemists. And so, at Christmas Day, they removed the original works from the shelve and claimed them to be blasphemy and devil's handiwork.

The alchemists now had to take old copies of their works and find a new place to make them available. This time, they decided to take better care of matters themselves and found a new home, where everything was again freely available, without greedy owners.

Soon it became known that the library owners only wanted to make money to pay for their addiction, which was one of sodomy and zoophilia, centering around goats. From this day on, the greedy library owners where known as GoatDaddy.

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